Harding Botanicals stemmed from my basement in Lexington back in 1989. After working my way through the ranks of the industry leader, Bough Haus, I was drawn to start my own, woman-run, interior plant design firm. I loved everything about being my own boss and the drive that I had to cultivate Harding Botanicals into what it is today. We soon grew out of the basement and needed space to spread out.

     People ask why Southborough? Why Breakneck Hill? My first reaction is to say proximity; we are centrally located to all of our clients, which makes it an ideal location. But it is so much more than that. My love of nature, art, New England farming and architecture had me looking all around the suburbs of Massachusetts. I happened upon Breakneck Hill by chance and saw an old warehouse for sale and I just knew that’s where I wanted to root Harding Botanicals. As I learned the history of the building and the farm that it resided on, I fell more in love with it, knowing that it was the perfect creative space into which I could further launch Harding Botanicals and my dream. But really, what could be more perfect than to transform an old bee farm and apple processing building into our own creative design studio?

     With a building of our own, we now had the ability to take on newer and larger projects. We have been growing and changing every since. I am very proud to have nurtured many people and many clients, and many plants and flowers, and cherish the fact that I will continue to do so for many years. 


- Beth Harding, Founder and Owner of Harding Botanicals