Beyond aesthetics, the use of office plants allows you to cost effectively increase employee productivity, reduce stress in the workplace, improve employee attitude, filter the air, and make a positive environmental statement.

Pioneering the interior plantscaping movement for over 25 years.

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Interior plants are being consciously employed in interior architecture to transform a space as pieces of sculpture, screening, and mood creators. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is as welcoming and balanced as it is captivating. 

We bring creative & lush designs to your building.


Why living? Our living arrangements last much longer than fresh cuts arrangements! So let us freshen and brighten up your office spaces with our extensive selection of flowering plants for interior environments. 

We offer different orchid, bromeliad, and burst of color rotating programs. We also offer orchid gardens, simply beautiful gardens, succulent gardens, ikebana gardens.

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Bring value to your building, add points to your LEED certification, and promote fresh and clean living, and wellness to your employees/tenants.



Green Walls, also known as living or vertical walls, are not only an innovative solution to plant implementation when there is no floor space available, but they are conversation pieces. We take inspiration from nature and strive to bring it's beauty and comfort indoors. A Harding Botanicals Green Wall will completely revolutionize and add harmony to your lobby, office, common space, etc. Using texture and color we carefully pick plants that compliment your branded environment. 

Along with the visual aesthetics, a Harding Botanical Green Wall will bring value to your building and help you to add points to your LEED certification. They add value by reducing long term operating and energy costs by reducing wall service temperatures by as much as 50 degrees F. Not only are there benefits to your building, but great benefits to your employees. Green Walls clean the air, promote health and well being, and reduce in absenteeism.

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