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It's time to start planning your ... Summer Containers

Our spring gardens were planted early April and are thriving!! But now it is time for us to begin planning our summer container gardens! We love working with our clients to plant them stunning gardens that will make their properties pop! We love to play with different color schemes and work with different plant varieties. Our passion is to beautiful spaces with greenery and pops of summer colors!

Here are some awesome container gardens for inspiration!! 

Very happy herbs!!

Very happy herbs!!

Isn't this just so lush!?!? 

Isn't this just so lush!?!? 

Our Exterior Work

I am going to take a few moments to brag about our amazing Exterior team!!

This has been a hot hot hot summer making our plants extra thirsty. Our Exterior guys haven't been beaten down by the heat they are out there every day deadheading, cleaning, planting, and watering our plants and helping them to grow!!

Take a look at some of the amazing work that we have produced this year!! 

Thanks guys for all your hard work!!

Harding Botanicals Exterior Container Gardens
Harding Botanicals Exterior Plants
Harding Botanicals Herb Garden
Harding Botanicals Exterior
Harding Botanicals Plant Design

Dreaming of Summer!

As we yearn for the long warm summer days and those perfect summer evenings where we can relax outside after a long day at work, Harding Botanicals is busy planning our summer plantings! These container gardens and planter beds are some of our favorites because we get to see them transform throughout the summer as they bask in the sun and grow a little each day.

Like many other designers, our recipe for container gardens is a filler, thrillers, and a spiller! Thriller: we usually like a statement plant like a hibicus, alocasia, grass, palms. Fillers we love to add pops of color: coleus, impatiens, dusty miller, cleome, fuchsia, lantana, begonia, caladium. Last but not least are the spillers: iopmea, calibrachoa, dichondra, ivy, petunia. 

Another thing to think about before planting is light! For direct sun planters we LOVE to use: ipomea, calibrachoa, dusty miller, dichondra, cleome. lantana. for our shady pots we use: coleus, impatiens, fuchsia, ivy, heuchera, caladium, ferns, begonia. 

Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Garden 1
Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Gardens 3
Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Gardens 4
Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Gardens 5

Check out our 'Container Gardens' board on Pinterest for some of our inspirations.

The Perfect Pins: Container Gardens

In case you haven't noticed, we LOVE pinterest. The site is such a great place for visual people and it provides great sources for inspiration! Our "Container Gardens"  board is a great place to find some beautiful gardens that would look amazing in your yard or in front of your buildings! Take a look at a few of my favorites...

Happy Pinning!!