Unique office plants and designs

As you may have guessed, we LOVE plants! Plants are such a fun element to add to your decor and can really change the environment of the space. There are some plants that are more commonly used and seen so we wanted to share a few really cool plants and plant designs that are stunning and are so much more than a plant in a pot! 

If you don't have plants in your spce yet, we would love to check out your space and show you our designs! (Or if you already have plants....maybe it's time for a change!!) Reach out to our sales department Alyce: or Beth

Bird of Paradise with under-plantings of philodendron Xanadu, Alocasia, etc.

Bird of Paradise with under-plantings of philodendron Xanadu, Alocasia, etc.

    Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa    Image courtesty of


Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa

Image courtesty of

Ficus Lyrata, Jade Plants, Agave

Ficus Lyrata, Jade Plants, Agave

Ficus Lyrata

Ficus Lyrata

Various plants: Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa, Pothos, Sanseveria, etc

Various plants: Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa, Pothos, Sanseveria, etc

Yucca Cane,  Cactus Cereus Peruvianus, Jade Plant

Yucca Cane, Cactus Cereus Peruvianus, Jade Plant

Stunning New Install

Working in Boston gives us the opportunity to work in some AMAZING & innovative office spaces and with AMAZING property managers & designers. This install was for Aquent Boston, they have designed their office spaces to be inspiring and creative. Take a look at the different plants that we used in these awesome containers; while being in the same container each grouping gives a different feel to each location. 


Dreaming of Summer!

As we yearn for the long warm summer days and those perfect summer evenings where we can relax outside after a long day at work, Harding Botanicals is busy planning our summer plantings! These container gardens and planter beds are some of our favorites because we get to see them transform throughout the summer as they bask in the sun and grow a little each day.

Like many other designers, our recipe for container gardens is a filler, thrillers, and a spiller! Thriller: we usually like a statement plant like a hibicus, alocasia, grass, palms. Fillers we love to add pops of color: coleus, impatiens, dusty miller, cleome, fuchsia, lantana, begonia, caladium. Last but not least are the spillers: iopmea, calibrachoa, dichondra, ivy, petunia. 

Another thing to think about before planting is light! For direct sun planters we LOVE to use: ipomea, calibrachoa, dusty miller, dichondra, cleome. lantana. for our shady pots we use: coleus, impatiens, fuchsia, ivy, heuchera, caladium, ferns, begonia. 

Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Garden 1
Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Gardens 3
Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Gardens 4
Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Gardens 5

Check out our 'Container Gardens' board on Pinterest for some of our inspirations.

Living Art Inspiration

We think that green walls are a more recent innovation, but the first hint of green walls can be found in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, though they have have been more roof gardens than green walls. Our favorite designer of green walls, French botanist, Patrick Blanc, is credited for the 'modern' green walls as we know them. These walls have a full hydroponic system and a wide collection of exotic plants. 

Green walls are already very popular in Europe and Asia (especially Singapore), but they are starting to gain traction here in the USA! And we couldn't be more excited. We love everything about green walls; the beauty they add to the space, their air filtration, their patterns, and they fact that they are always growing and slightly changing. Here are a few living art/green walls that have really inspired us! Check out our Green Walls board for more inspiration.