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Spring is Just Around the Corner!!

Good ol' New England weather always leaves us wondering how many days of winter we really have left! It can be 70 degrees one day and the next expecting snow!! I am looking forward to being able to completely thaw out and enjoy the warmer days outside. As I sit here, still in my winter jacket, I dream of Spring and am enjoying looking at pictures of spring flowers and spring green gardens! 

We can't wait to get our hands back into the soil and planting container gardens for our clients! We'd love to lend a hand in helping you with sprucing up your building with flowering container gardens and lush garden beds. Give us a shout and we'll happily get designing! You can reach us through phone or email, visit our contact page for our information. 

Here are some spring flower container gardens that are inspiring and are making me smile! What do you look forward to most about Spring?!

Our Exterior Work

I am going to take a few moments to brag about our amazing Exterior team!!

This has been a hot hot hot summer making our plants extra thirsty. Our Exterior guys haven't been beaten down by the heat they are out there every day deadheading, cleaning, planting, and watering our plants and helping them to grow!!

Take a look at some of the amazing work that we have produced this year!! 

Thanks guys for all your hard work!!

Harding Botanicals Exterior Container Gardens
Harding Botanicals Exterior Plants
Harding Botanicals Herb Garden
Harding Botanicals Exterior
Harding Botanicals Plant Design

Our newest install at TripAdvisor HQ in Needham MA

At the very beginning of the summer this year we had one of our favorite new installs!! We got to design the new TripAdvisor headquarters located here in MA. We love their fun and diverse style and had so much fun picking out the perfect plants and the perfect containers!! 

Let's start with the reception:

We found owl planters!!

We found owl planters!!

LOVE this wall paper

LOVE this wall paper

Next let's travel to their main forum with amphitheater style seating. To compliment the very industrial design of the HQ we used stunning Restoration Hardware containers on the stairs. 

And get this.....they have a GAME ROOM!!! It has the very best side tables (that I desperately want!! #havetohavethem) 

Each floor is base off the continents so one floor is the "Americas" another is "the Pacific Islands," just as an example. So for fun and to keep with the theme we wanted to choose plants that were  sinuous to the floors. 

The "Africa" floor

The "Africa" floor

The "Asia" floor

The "Asia" floor

The Perfect Pins: Container Gardens

In case you haven't noticed, we LOVE pinterest. The site is such a great place for visual people and it provides great sources for inspiration! Our "Container Gardens"  board is a great place to find some beautiful gardens that would look amazing in your yard or in front of your buildings! Take a look at a few of my favorites...

Happy Pinning!!