Office Beautification - New Install in Boston

It's amazing how much a few plants added to a space can really change up the feeling of the room. Beautiful plants make spaces immediately more comfortable and inviting, which is why it is so important to include them in your living and work-spaces. Here are a few pictures of a stunning office space that we adorned with gorgeous plants. There are so many benefits to having plants in your office space, what a difference a little greenery makes!! 

Do you have plants in your office or are you looking for someone to help you out with plant selection? We're here to help you out! Shoot us an email at or to set up an appointment. 

Harding Botanicals_Interior Plants 2.jpg
Harding Botanicals_ Interior Plants 2.jpg
Harding Botanicals_Boston Interior Plants.jpg
Harding Botanicals_Boston Interior Plants.jpg

Interior Plant Trends

Introducing plants into your office or lobby really enhances and improves the space. Plants and containers are chosen to fit the aesthetic and can bring in a different element to the space. What I love most though is that, with the right design, it can totally transform an area! 

By adding the right elements in the right spots a modern lobby can look even more modern; or it can make a homey office space feel that much more homey! Take a look at a few of the interior plant trends that I really like and let me know what you think!! Do you like them? Too much? Not enough? Do you think they transform the space?

For more Interior Plantscaping Design Inspiration

Boston Strong! Behind the scenes of the 2016 Boston Marathon

Today marks the 120th running of the Boston Marathon! Starting in Hopkinton and running 26.2 MILES ending at that famous finish line on Boylston Street. Over the weekend Harding Botanicals was hard at work creating beautiful gardens along Boylston Street. We hope all the spectators enjoy the colorful blooms!

The creator of Harding Botanicals, Beth Harding, was busy documenting the progress. Here are some behind the scene photos. It's amazing how much effort is put forth to create a successful and beautiful Marathon day. Thanks to all involved!! And thank you, Mother Nature, for the warm sunshine today!

Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016
Harding Botanicals - Boston Marathon 2016
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 1
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 2
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016  3
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 4
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 4
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 5
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 5
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 6