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Poinsettia Care

This is the time of year that your local nurseries (and grocery stores and Home Depot and the list goes on) have stocked up the ever popular holiday favorite plant: the Poinsettia

These plants come in all sorts of colors now and can be just so beautiful! But the real question is: How do you keep them ALIVE?!

Well, we are here to help! Here are some get tips for keeping that poinsettia of yours thriving through the holiday season.

Lighting Preference: High (so if you can, place your poinsettia in a really sunny and happy spot)

Water Needs: Moist at all times (but be sure that it's not wet, you can quickly kill a plant with over watering) If you keep your poinsettia in a plastic saucer, we actually suggest that you water through the saucer. The soil in the pot will soak up the water from the base of the saucer. 

Water Stress Symptoms: Sheds yellow leaves then the poinsettia is too dry. Sheds green lease and colored bracts (what looks like the flower) then the poinsettia has much to much water. 

Other tips: A. Add 1/2" of water to the saucer B. In low light, keep the soil on the dryer side C. Use room temp water D. Remove yellow leaves E. Keep poinsettia in a warm location, they don't like being cold. 

Good Luck! We'd love to hear how your poinsettia is doing!

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Get into the Holiday Spirit

It still seems early to be talking about the upcoming holiday season, but it is always here before we know it! So why not get a head start?! We are already decorating trees and wreaths for a number of clients (and we'd love to work on a design for you)!

Our amazing sales & design team would love to get started on your decor! Contact Alyce at or Beth at 

2016 holiday decor

Merry and OH so Bright!!

Yes, I know, it's summer so stop wishing it away!! But the 2016 Holiday is sneaking up on us very quickly! Already, we are busy little elves, putting together this years designs and color schemes. Every year we strive to make each holiday that much more bright and cheery!!

We want to create the perfect holiday decor for you and your buildings. The sooner we get started the more spectacular it can be! Get in touch with our AMAZING sales & design team to get the ball rolling! Alyce: or Beth: