Spring is Just Around the Corner!!

Good ol' New England weather always leaves us wondering how many days of winter we really have left! It can be 70 degrees one day and the next expecting snow!! I am looking forward to being able to completely thaw out and enjoy the warmer days outside. As I sit here, still in my winter jacket, I dream of Spring and am enjoying looking at pictures of spring flowers and spring green gardens! 

We can't wait to get our hands back into the soil and planting container gardens for our clients! We'd love to lend a hand in helping you with sprucing up your building with flowering container gardens and lush garden beds. Give us a shout and we'll happily get designing! You can reach us through phone or email, visit our contact page for our information. 

Here are some spring flower container gardens that are inspiring and are making me smile! What do you look forward to most about Spring?!

Dreaming of Summer!

As we yearn for the long warm summer days and those perfect summer evenings where we can relax outside after a long day at work, Harding Botanicals is busy planning our summer plantings! These container gardens and planter beds are some of our favorites because we get to see them transform throughout the summer as they bask in the sun and grow a little each day.

Like many other designers, our recipe for container gardens is a filler, thrillers, and a spiller! Thriller: we usually like a statement plant like a hibicus, alocasia, grass, palms. Fillers we love to add pops of color: coleus, impatiens, dusty miller, cleome, fuchsia, lantana, begonia, caladium. Last but not least are the spillers: iopmea, calibrachoa, dichondra, ivy, petunia. 

Another thing to think about before planting is light! For direct sun planters we LOVE to use: ipomea, calibrachoa, dusty miller, dichondra, cleome. lantana. for our shady pots we use: coleus, impatiens, fuchsia, ivy, heuchera, caladium, ferns, begonia. 

Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Garden 1
Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Gardens 3
Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Gardens 4
Harding Botanicals_Exterior Design_Container Gardens 5

Check out our 'Container Gardens' board on Pinterest for some of our inspirations.

Boston Strong! Behind the scenes of the 2016 Boston Marathon

Today marks the 120th running of the Boston Marathon! Starting in Hopkinton and running 26.2 MILES ending at that famous finish line on Boylston Street. Over the weekend Harding Botanicals was hard at work creating beautiful gardens along Boylston Street. We hope all the spectators enjoy the colorful blooms!

The creator of Harding Botanicals, Beth Harding, was busy documenting the progress. Here are some behind the scene photos. It's amazing how much effort is put forth to create a successful and beautiful Marathon day. Thanks to all involved!! And thank you, Mother Nature, for the warm sunshine today!

Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016
Harding Botanicals - Boston Marathon 2016
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 1
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 2
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016  3
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 4
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 4
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 5
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 5
Harding Botanicals_Boston Marathon 2016 6