Keeping up with the trends: 2016 Holiday Trends

Not only did Harding Botanicals attend TPIE this winter, we also got to venture the halls of the Dallas Market Center! We spent a few days in glitter filled rooms picking out our favorite ornaments and sprays, chatting with sales reps about their new lines, and viewing the upcoming trends for the 2016 Holiday season. Take a look at some of the new emerging designs for this year.

1. Metallics: we are SO excited about this one! We LOVE metallics and the idea of a fully monochromatic design!


2. Frosty Blue and White: This color scheme first appeared last year in 2014/2015 with the ever popular Frozen movie, but this year they have really outdone themselves with revamping the design and making it so much more elegant.


3. Rose Quartz: This is a new color on the market this year, it's a light gold/light pink color. They have paired it up with champagne, silver, and pearl. What are your thoughts on this new design?


4. Rustics: This is a trend that has been around for a while. We love how comfy cozy this look is. The rustic look uses neutral tones and very country and "homey" ornaments. 

Upon returning we have been inspired by all that we saw and have come up with some of our own designs! We can't to get started putting our ideas into reality and creating some new and fresh stuff for our clients!