Getting your Poinsettia to Re-Bloom!

After the holidays one of the most frequently asked questions is ....

"Can I get my poinsettia to bloom again?!"

In short ... Yes! (but it takes time!)


Here's how...

1. During the winter months give it as much light as possible (without direct sunlight)

2. Keep it well watered, but DO NOT fertilize

3. In the early spring (April) cut it back to about 8" high

4. Be sure to remove any colored bracts (leaves) that are left

5. Start to fertilize with houseplant food every other week.

6. In late September you need to give the plant 9-10 hours of good light per day and 14-15 hours of complete darkness for the rest of the day.

7. By the first of December begin treating it like a regular houseplant 


Best of luck!! It can be a fun challenge with a colorful reward in a year!